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The D&D μStarter Kit is a helper tool for players of Dungeons and Dragons. Roll dice, generate a character with an ad-libbed one-line backstory, or play a complete ad-libbed D&D scene! 

This kit implements quantum computing for randomness and ad-libs, alongside user inputs.

Based on the D&D 5E Player’s Handbook.


  • A character generator that provides a race, class, name, and a one-line ad-libbed backstory
  • A dice roller to determine ability scores or to use during gameplay
  • An ad-libbed D&D scene

An online version is provided at qdnd. This version runs only on the QASM simulator so that the server is not overloaded.

How to Run The D&D μStarter Kit Locally
If you want to run it on a actual quantum device, or just have a local copy of this follow the following step:

  • Clone the git repository from Github.
  • `cd` into the git repository.
  • Execute `pip install -r requirements.txt`.
  • Execute `export FLASK_APP = app.py`.
  • Execute `flask run`.

The app will available at ``. You can direct your browser to that location to access it. To run this on an actual quantum device, open `app.py` and edit it as mentioned in the comments in the file, before executing `flask run`.

For more information, please look at the README or the Github repo.

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