Quantum Grove: A Lofi Ambience


Welcome to Kvantti Kunj, where playful critters scamper about lush terrain, and a qubit controls what you see…

Quantum Grove is an interactive art piece playable in the browser that functions as a lofi ambience for study, work, and relaxation.

This is version 1.0. 

Disclaimer: the game is best viewed in full screen on a desktop browser. The current build type does not support mobile view.

 How to Play

The player controls the audio and visuals of the ambience through buttons on the car dashboard.

Music Controls:

Select between two music genres, Chill and Calm. The default genre is Calm. To control the music press Play, Pause, or Next.

Visual Controls:

The state of a single qubit governs what is seen on screen.
There are five quantum gate buttons, located on the car’s dashboard: S, St, T, Tt, and Z.

How to control the color of the Northern Lights:

The gates apply rotations to the qubit’s phase, which in turn inform corresponding shifts in the colors of the Northern Lights.

The phase controls are as follows:

S gate applies a +pi/2 rotation

St gate applies a -pi/2 rotation

T gate applies a +pi/4 rotation

Tt gate applies a -pi/4 rotation

Z gate applies a pi rotation

How to control the state of the cat:

The cat can either be awake or asleep. You can potentially change its state by clicking directly on the cat. Every time you click on the cat, the qubit is ‘measured’ and the cat’s state represents the outcome you may get while measuring the qubit: asleep represents an outcome of 0, and awake represents an outcome of 1.

Note: The qubit is always in an equally weighted superposition, as the quantum gates only affect its phase. This superposition is visually represented at the start of the game, by showing the two possible cat states.

This means there’s a 0.5 probability that the cat will either be awake or asleep after you click it. Therefore clicking on the cat doesn’t act as a simple toggle!


Unity 2021.3.1f1, Watercolors & ink pens, Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Github, MicroQiskit

Github repo: https://github.com/quantum-kittens/lofi-quantum


- Radha Pyari Sandhir (Digital Art & Scene Design, Unity, Quantum Physics, Music)

- Ella Toppari (Illustration & Scene Design, Music)

- Marcel Pfaffhauser (Unity, Quantum Physics)

- Tuure Saloheimo (Unity)

Music tracks and licences here: https://github.com/quantum-kittens/lofi-quantum/blob/main/Assets/Music/Music_lic...

Loading icon asset: Sphere by Lluisa Iborra from NounProject.com

Quantum Grove was made during Aalto University’s spring 2022 Quantum Games course.

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